2 Tooronga Terrace, Beverly Hills 2209
Sydney, NSW Australia

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Telephone: (02) 9150 7581
Mobile: 0410 792 053

2 Tooronga Terrace, Beverly Hills 2209
Sydney, NSW Australia



Telephone: 02 9150 7581
Mobile: 0410-792-053



Spit Roast Catering around Sydney

Celebrating 32 years in Sydney catering

Our Specials

Christmas Specials

Special Seafood Package

BBQ at your Party


Choose from our menus below. We have a menu that will suit any type of function. Call or email if you require a custom catering event

Deluxe Plus Pack

Features your selection of meat and a whole lot of extras

Spit Roast Beef and Salad Pack

Features meat and salad combos for small, medium and large parties

Top of the Range Hot

Our premium catering pack

Finger Food Menu

Finger food catering with a vast range of selections hot and cold.

Econo Saver Pack

For the budget conscious

Roast and Rolls

Our famous yearling beef and pork on fresh crusty rolls plus extras

Lunch Platters

A fine selection of sandwiches and/or wraps

New Improved Breakfast Menu

Sausages, eggs, bacon, mushrooms and more!

Spit Roast Caterers since 1985

Who are we

pit Roast King is a leading spit roast catering company servicing all Sydney suburbs

Incorporating Beverly Hills Spit Roast and Fantastic Finger Food

Spit Roast King has been owned and operated at the same address since 1985. In your dealings with Spit Roast King you will notice we ring when we say we will, we arrive at the allotted time and the food is as good as our customers tell us.

About us

We offer a complete one stop party service from items such as glasses, marquees, tables, chairs, staff, etc etc even hall hire.

Our meats are SOMETHING SPECIAL only the primest cuts are used, they are cooked with a real AUSSIE BBQ flavour & tenderness that can only be achieved by our slow cooking process (approximately 16 hours) at low temperature & with smoke from hickory logs + basting in our special sauces.

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